Date: 8/16/2021

Workout: Jamestown Beatdown

Location: Life Community Church

Pax: Mallard, Matchbox, Gold Digger, Fletch (Respect), Rubble, Patch (Q)

This was a substi-Q for Toto.  It lingered on Twitter for a bit before YHC picked it up.  After the Ragnar race this past weekend, I was quite sore and tight.  EC warmup was in order.

Got there about 20 minutes early to setup, which was nothing more than dropping of my Dewalt speaker. Did a brief cleanup of the AO, then did a couple laps around the church.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.


Mosey around the church.

20 – SSH IC

15 –Hillbilly Squats IC

Runners Stretch/Lunge

20 – Imperial Walkers IC

20 – Toy Soldiers IC

20 – Sun Gods IC

15 – Windmills IC (YHC did slow 3 count on each leg before coming up)

10 – Finkle Swings

Mosey around the church.

Peoples Chair on the wall.

The Thang

Stole this set of exercises from my 2 Yr anniversary Q.  The format was different.  This time we’re doing Tabata style. 45 seconds on and 15 second rest.

Turkish Get Ups

Wojo Squats

Lt Dans

Flutter Kicks


Mike Tysons

Inch Worm

Monkey Humpers

We went down through the list twice with my Sweat Angel playlist.  It was funny going through the second time doing Turkish Getups, I get knocked down, but I get up again.  You are never gonna keep me down.  Chumbawamba.


25 – Heels to Heaven (Rubble)

10 – Cindy Crawford IC (each side)(Fletch)

15 – American Hammers IC (Mallard)

10 – Low Dolleys IC (Matchbox)

20 – LBCs IC (Gold Digger)



10 Year Anniversary, October 8-10

Cannonball half marathon

Tommy Boy put out a tweet to ask someone you haven’t seen in a while to join you at a workout.

YHC has Sweat Angel on Thursday

September 14th, Sportsman’s Banquet Event at the Life Community Church.  Food and speaker.

Rubble took us out.

It was fun guys.  Thanks for coming out to the workout.  Maybe someday FNGs will instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.  Until that day, lets stay diligent. Keep at it.  The mission is to grow.  Be creative, be Consistent.


  • Patch