PAX: Birdsnest, Baby Bop, Steely Dan, Butt Fumble, Scooby Doo, Paula Dean, Matlock, Viagra, Longtime, Jitterbug (Q)

We all got up thinking….it’s gonna rain…we’re gonna get soaked….but nope….no rain!  Just warm and humid….sweated like pigs.  🙂

4 stayed for the Fenceline workout, 3 splinter Smurphed, and 3 splinter rucked.


SSHs, Windmills w a pump at the top, Lucky 7’s, String Rippers, High Jack High Jills


10 pull ups….wait….is this the S..murph?

There are four intersections of roads surrounding Irving Park Elem.  We visited each.  At each we ….

Did 20 merkins, 30 squats, and one of the BLIMPS exercises x 10 ea., some in cadence, some on my down, and some OYO.

We ran 1.5+ miles.  We got through all the BLIMPS and then we did

10 pull ups!  😀


LBC’s, Low Slow Flutters…Thanks Matlock for remembering the all important life lesson and calling it out…”Pain is Good and Extreme Pain is Extremely Good!”, Box cutters, American Hammers:  Let Freedom Ring!

COT:  Steely Dan has a relative with Pancreatic issues, please pray, his father in law I’m pretty sure.

Matlock took us out.  AYE!