AO: Quaker Crater

Date: 8/9/21

PAX: Bruce Lee (Murph Splinter), Bulldog, Black Knight, Ozone, JC, Houlihan, Saban, Norwood, Guiding Light, Sir Charles, Short Squeeze

QIC: Tesla


We opened with a reminder of the mission and the Q forgetting the disclaimer.  We moved quickly to:



Side Straddle Hops

Imperial Walkers


Sun Gods, Front and Back

Mountain Climbers


Time to mosey around back to the playground or perhaps more appropriate in the gloom…murphground.

QIC reminded the PAX of the disclaimer.  Use good form.  Listen to your bodies.  No IR today.

PAX were instructed to do a first set of the Q’s way to do a Murph:

10 pullups

20 merkins

30 squats


PAX completed quickly…we began the mosey to the Bridge for the…



Tabata workout of 12 sets per circuit, 2x thru circuit. 40 sec on, 20 sec off

Each exercise had a place along the bridge.  Six stations on one side, six on the other.  Rotate clockwise every minute.  Exercises were:


Squatting Air Press (EC – With Weight)

Jack Webbs (EC – With Weight)


Squatting Jacks

Lunges (EC – With Weight)

Lateral Lunge, Knee Ups

Squatty Potty (EC – With Weight)

Plank Jacks

Plank With Row

Freddy  Mercuries

Crunchy Frogs


PAX were entertained by a yet to be determined playlist that included excellent rock music from many decades.  PAX completed the entire set of exercises and YHC sent them back up to the flag.

YHC was smoked and brought up the Six to the shovel flag.



Q had the PAX past time, so we sat down, did one set in cadence of American Hammers and recovered.



All men accounted for.  We spent a brief moment in silence contemplating things we are grateful for.  The PAX and the Gloom, for 1!



YHC is grateful for the hard work from the PAX and their encouragement.  Had great catchups with several of you.  Great to see JC back out after a few months away from Quaker Crater!