Dabo Delivers, 12 Soggy Pax got Hot at THE PLATE

7-10-21, Skies were threatening at 5:30pm, by 5:45 PM the 92 degree heat burst into torrential downpours at the current home to The Blue Plate, Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410.

Got text from Dabo at 5:44, “What you thinking?” YHC got out of truck and exclaimed, “let’s get it on!”

Pax were looking around, but they were there, so that part was won.

Mr. Hand, Cream Cheese, Damage Control, Sheldon, Snowden, Windmill, Apollo, Stryker, Rabbit, Short Bus, Expired and Dabo on the Q.

Udders had put his name on the Q sheet, for some reason fate had Dabo on the Q. Always welcome Q’s at the Plate. He asked the night before if the 2F was still on, I said yes. He said, good. Cause it was gonna suck.

Short Warm-a-Rama and bam! The Thang: A Julia/Burpee uphill ladder. 72 Burpee’s in the first 15 minutes. Not much chatter after that. It was wet, it was raining, we were in the grass and the mud- did not matter. All gave it their best.

Leap Frog Run around the Greenway, for the 2nd part. A bowl was placed 50 yards away in the big field. 5 Merkins, run to bowl, pick your exercise, rinse and repeat.

It’s called a PAIN BUCKET for a reason!

Time was soon up, short Mary and we were done. Excellent job Dabo. Appreciate the leadership.

PM workouts are a thing, check us out.  Tclaps to Cream Cheese, 3 plus workouts in first week.