When: Aug 7, 2021

Where: The parking lot we didn’t pay to park in.

Why: Because F3

Who: Matthew Scott (Big Worm), Jeremy Lahr (Hoosier), Jason Foy (JR), and Phillip Hanks (Black Swan)

Coming into NWHS, QIC noticed a tent taking funds to enter. It turns out there’s a “soccer-palooza”. They weren’t fully setup yet, so I made it through payment free. Worm rolled in with the beamer and gained access with his classic / genuine smile, Hoosier moved on with his testosterone fueled turbo diesel, and JR winked at the lady as he drove passed, basically like double clicking your watch for Apple Pay.

The workout began with a series of the traditional warma-rama activities; sungods, imperial walkers, abe vigoda, etc.

The THANG was everyone throws a frisbee. We rolled one red dice & one yellow dice. The furthest frisbee is how far we went, with the movement based on the red dice (ie. mosey, sprint, karaoke, backwards mosey) and the exercise based on the yellow dice multiplied by the red dice (merkin, dying cockroaches, plank jacks, WWI, etc; minimum of 10).

We knew the rain was coming. There was no contingency plan. In reality, the rain probably kept enough soccer parents from showing up that we were able to do the entire workout in the parking lot.

The rain continued building.

@0755, Swan did the video, forgetting the American Hammer, announcements, and prayer; coffee was transported quickly from frunk to nearby covered walk-way; we had a good time chatting; then the shovel flag was not forgotten, thanks to someone who said “don’t forget your flag”.

Thank you for letting me serve.

-Black Swan