The Q had the privilege of leading twenty-eight studs at Closing Time. He promised them a classic beatdown. He delivered.

Warm Up

Mosey to the parking lot in front of the Red Gate at Country Park.

Side-Straddle-Hop [20 In Cadence]

Toy Soldier [20 In Cadence]

The Thang

Instruction: Starting at the Intersection of the Red Gate driveway and Country Park Loop, the Pax were instructed to perform a 10-Count of each exercise as a big super-set, run up the hill to the Red Gate and back. Rinse & Repeat until the Q calls for a Commercial Break or Omaha.

B is for Burpee [x10 Single-Count/Modification: Royal Burpee]

L is for Little Baby Crunch [x10 In-Cadence/Modification: None]

I is for Inchworm [x10 Single-Count/Modification: No pushup at the bottom of the movement]

M is for Ranger Merkin. [x10 Single-Count/Modification: Standard Merkin]

P is for Plank Dips [x10 In-Cadence/Modification: Plank Hold]

S is for Smurph Jack [x10 In-Cadence/Modification: Side Straddle Hop or Monkey Humper]

After five rounds, the Q called for a Commercial Break consisting of Elevated Side-Leg Raises, Frog Pumps, and Single-Leg Glute Bridges with a Lateral-Leg Raise at the top of the bridge.

The Q called Omaha and instructed the Pax to mosey back to the Flag.


J.R. was kind enough to lead the Pax while the Q retrieved his phone. The Q introduced the Pax to the Jack Hammer, which consists of a spiral ladder of American-Hammers & Merkin [In Cadence: 5/5, 10/10, 15/15]

Circle of Trust


Pumpkin Sale for Pushups for Playgrounds.

Ragnar runner replacement for J.R..

Q replacement for Schnitzel.

Roll Call

FNG-Double Dip, Iron Man, Houlihan, Michelin Man, Schnitzel, Windmill, Tarzan, Gunny, Dorfman, The King, Expired, Slide-Rule, Flo Jo, Out Of Service, Water-Boy, Apollo, Cream cheese, Mud Flap, Flat-rate, Sheldon, Gridlock, Nutmeg, Renaissance Man, Tommy Boy, Carrot Top, All Star, J.R. & Slumlord

Prayer & Observance

Slumlord led the Pax in a moment of reflection and prayer.