Apollo on the Q:

Mark aka Cream Cheese, Stryker, Short Bus, Slummy, Michelin Man, Expired, Sheldon, Mudflap, Plissken, Polo, Heisenberg, hazmat, Cross Check, Nutmeg, Windmill and Wingman.

Blue Plate deserves the best, we got the best. Many veteran newcomers arrived to see what was in store for them August 4th, 2021. 5:45 pm, Leonard Recreation Center, 27410.

Its our vacay home while Gunny helps us sort out the WGMS situation. As site Q, I have been kind of winging it to bring Q’s and it’s working. We have had a solid lineup since our inception 38 weeks ago.

Apollo had some pressing family business, so Mudflap offered to double his Q slot. Fortunately for the Pax, Apollo was able to cover.

I say fortunately because last week in the balmy 95% degree he had a 4 station with coupon beat down rolling,,,,

Anyway, Apollo is known as the King and the Originator of the PM Q sites as he founded Closing Time many years ago. Some would say Snooki actually and to that I answer: does anyone know who almost flew a plane first before the Wright Brothers?

Mark from Pennsylvania was in tow with Apollo, he is his older brother and is retired at 57- need to spend more time with this man. His other brother who will not be named chose the couch.

As we were starting our mosey, Windmill looked at the field and remarked about the weeks before Mudflap beat down, let’s just say he was glad their were no coupons in sight.

We moseyed around the AO to do the warm a rama in the large freshly mowed field:

It must have been good because slummy was not bitching. Around 7 normal exercises performed, ending with Lucky Sevens. Fast paced, up-tempo warm up. A +

Short mosey to the area behind the gym for the Thang:

We split into groups of 3, there were 8 cinder blocks. 3-man grinder.

Curls, OH Press, Rows, Tricep work with squats, weighted lunges, and something else at the coupon station.

Crab Cakes, Plank jacks, Merkins, Pickle Pushers, Lbc’s, Monkey Humpers, and something else for the opposite station.

Heh- I can’t remember everything, and it’s probably copyrighted anyway.

2 rounds- fast paced, Pax was digging it.

Omaha was called after round 2. 10 count, run around the building and then a wall sit for a 100 pax count. Run around the building, then a balls to the wall for a 100 count.

Short mosey to the greenway. The Q points out 10 trees- Pax were instructed to do 15 merkins in cadence, lunge to the next tree for a total of 150 merkins.

*Note to readers, do not google “merkin.”

Mary was performed at the field at the bottom- usual exercises, and then Polo wanted more, so 1-5 Jack Hole ladder was had.

Nutmeg has a pumpkin, push up for play grounds fundraiser in the planning stage.

Fun dang night, with the great weather all were in good mood. Thanks for leading Apollo, excellent Q. Slummy took us out.