It’s Just Lunch

There were 15 pax and the Q basking in the mid-day sun. We had a quick warm-o-rama of just 20 sun
gods going forward and reverse then went straight to the Thang.

The Thang presented the challenge of
pushing through the pain in a Murph-ish style boot camp as follows:

15-overhead presses with coupon
25-curls with coupon
30-ankle touch squat
One-lap with coupon

The above went for three sets and we did the Mary in short fashion too.
20 merkin hammers with coupon. The Q took us out in the shade, but out of order, then we sprinted back to the shovel for the
Name-o-Rama and only suffered one causality. We hurried to the beer den for refreshments.

Pax: Daughtry, Magician, Ray Guy, Rusty, Bartman (welcome), Body Bag, Percy, Patch, Black Swam,
Barney, Ponch, ( Byrider, Kevin, Caddy, and Nails on Q