YHC was ready to get back on the Q wagon after a week of vacation and three days of business travel.

The morning started like many others with a preRuck to get in some miles and setup. Normally, I would be joined by Red Dragon, but he was MIA on vacation in Massachusetts. I think that is in Canada not sure. Never made it that far north.
Much to my surprise, Black Swan coasted to a halt already sporting his ruck. We headed off with a handful of cones to set up. We meandered around the AO finding the perfect spot for the THANG.

Stick Shift arrived to join us which was odd since he was purported to be heading to Tampa for a boys weekend. Then, Foot Fairy made it four for EC.

PAX. Stick Shift, Foot Fairy, JR, Hoosier, Big Worm, Bell Hop, Patch, Black Swan, and TPS



House number and Area codes.
Each pax member rolled the die, identified the exercise selected, then used their house numbers determine how many and how far.

we were pleased when Bell Hop simply said #8.

Then we made it through parent’s area codes, since we all locally would have 336.



Calling out Udders who bailed on the home turf, Misfire, ByRider, Situation who were not excused from the workout.