The PAX:

Ricardo, Bird’s Nest, Bumpers, Phoenix, Boy Wonder, Akron, Miracle Grow, Backdraft, Patch, Mall Cop

The Setting:

YHC pulled into the AO a little after 0500 to survey the site and make sure the track was available. My legs were sore from the last two days so he night before I had posted a poll on twitter asking if I should take it easy on them or bring the pain. Bring the pain won by a landslide locking in what we would do for the thang.


Standard fare: Mountain Climbers, Sun Gods, Windmills, String Rippers, Sun Gods, whatever other stretching you see fit. We moseyed to the track taking one stop on the way to make sure the 6 was with us and get some merkins in.

The Thang:

The Laredo was one  of the original Iron Pax Challenge work outs. It is simple yet brutal:

  • 24 Squats
  • 24 Merkins
  • 24 Lunges Left Leg
  • 24 Lunges Right Leg
  • Run one lap

Repeat 6 times.


  • Body Destroyer IC x10
  • American Hammer x10


Prayers lifted for friends and family of the PAX suffering from various medical issues. Praises lifted for our ability to get out and push our bodies.


Awesome work by all. As always, Patch pushed the pace. Miracle Grow claimed it was his first real F3 workout but he crushed it like a seasoned vet. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.