Tommy Boy, STP, Don’t Cha Know, Gecko, Scratch, Short Track, Newhart, Canary, Drifter, Bushwood


Eleven guys Hobbled & Gobbled throughout the K&W/Friendly parking deck and stairwell. This is day 1012 of the stairwell not being cleaned and it showed that said it was utilized anyway. Take home Tetanus shots were given out as party favors. After a quick mosey we hit a short warm-o-rama.

15 SSH
10 Merkins
10 Sun Gods, both directions
10 Chinooks

The Thang

With coupons ruckers made their way to the P1 level of the parking deck and did multiple stations of work with and without rucks and coupons to only head up the steps and come back down and add more reps and rinse and repeat. Looked like this:


Station 1
10 Thrusters. Add 5 each lap. Head to Station 2

Station 2
10 Merkins with ruck on or off. Add 5 each lap. Leave ruck and coupon and then RUN to station 3.

Station 3
15 LBCs ruck off. Add 5 each lap. Grab ruck and coupon and then head upstairs to ruck all the around back down to level P1 and rinse and repeat with added reps.

1 American Hammer IC

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