Date: 7/30/2021

Workout: Lunatic Fringe

Location: Greensboro Day School

Pax: Short Circuit, Good Hands, JR, Daisy, CJ, Silicone, Ricola, Patch (Q)

Weather wasn’t bad. Clear skys. The grass on the fields was pristine.

This is a substi-Q for Gunny.  YHC went through some of his BBs last night searching for something uniquely Gunny, and not something that I would do. Mission successful.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.


Mosey half way around the track, then circle up in the middle of the field.

20 – SSH IC

20 – Sun Gods (Each Way)

20 – Squatted Chinooks IC

20 – Copperhead Squats IC

20 – Mountain Climbers IC

20 – Crab Cakes IC

20 – Monkey Humpers IC

Fair warning was made that this was going to be a long warmarama.  Lot’s of 20 IC exercises.  Crab Cakes are a Gunny staple…that and squatted chinooks.

We then mosey’d each leg of The Thang which you’ll see in a sec.

The Thang – Iron Triangle

This workout was called the “Iron Triangle”.  Gunny Q’d it at Slammin’ Sammies Smackdown on 11/8/2017.  I have a feeling Gunny had a few errors in his BB, but YHC just rolled with it.

We paired up.  It’s a 2-man grinder at each station where one person is conducting the exercises, while the other runs a loop.  There was a specific route for each station; a hill, the track, and the traffic circle.  This took advantage of the grass, track, and pavement.  The only modification from the BB was that I did 120 reps rather than 150 reps, as indicated below.

Station 1 – The Hill

60 – Hand Release Merkins

90 – Lunges (or Merkins)

120 – Squats (or WWII Situps)

Station 2 – Track

60 – Hand Release Merkins

90 – Jump Squats

120 – Squats (or LBCs)

Station 3 – Traffic Circle

60 – Crab Cakes

90 – Copperhead Squats

120 – Squats (or LSF)

None of us got through all 3 stations, I believe.  Though we were all pretty close.  Great Job.


We actually walked back to the SF.  Short Circuit said, “Hopefully nobody from the Funk sees us out here walkin’.” We’re probably good; if they saw us, they’ve got some explainin’ to do.

It was about 6:09 time to get rollin’ fellas.

20 – Low Slow Flutters IC

20 – LBCs IC

20 – American Hammer IC


Coffee at Super Starbucks after the workout

Need a Q for August 13th talk to Good Hands if you can assist.

If you want to go to the F3 10 Year anniversary, let YHC know.  Jitterbug and I are signed up.  We can coordinate getting over there.

Cannonball half marathon is coming up.

Happy Hour will be at a new location next week.

JR took us out.  Thanks for the strong word.

After action reports showed we had low numbers today.  I hope everyone is doing alright.  If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. People are probably out on family vacation before kids go back to school. If it’s something we can do better, let me know that as well.

There’s a song I’ve been listening to lately.  “Free the Slave” by Kaleo.  The song lyrics aren’t relevant to my reflection but the lyrics pulled out of context “As he cries out” and “So won’t you free the slave in me?” really strike me.  We are both freed and enslaved by our own thoughts, not at the same time. Doubt and fear can suppress our ambitions.  Free the slave in me. You can also spread yourself too thin; have yourself going in too many directions to see any real progress.  Find a direction you can commit to and let freedom ring.

Thanks Gunny for the workout.

  • Patch