AO: Quaker Crater

Date: July 26, 2021

PAX: Wojo (R), Short Circuit, Bulldog, JZ (R), Graffiti (R), Short Squeeze, Sir Charles (R), Bodett, Houlihan, Former FNG-Black Knight (R), Eggplant (R).

QIC: Eggplant

11 pax were assembled at go time.  The “shorts”, Short Squeeze and Short Circuit arrived early for a solo EC run and a solo EC ruck, respectively.  We welcomed an FNG referred to us by a K-Vegas pax member.   YHC delivered the mission and disclaimer, then a short mosey to the crossroads for:


The pax were split into two groups.  For each round, group 1 would do a dynamic stretch while group 2 did a static exercise and then flip-flop.

  • Butt-kicker out, back pedal back/Hug thyself
  • High knees out, back pedal back/Sun-gods
  • Mario punches out, back pedal back/Squats
  • Twisting lunge out, back pedal back/Lunges

The pax warmed, it was time to get to the theme.  The pax were split into two, single-file lines for a rugby-style leapfrog run.  A rugby ball was passed between the lines until it got to the back of the line and then that pax sprinted the ball to the head of the line.  We ran this to the top of the elementary school’s back parking lot where YHC had set up:


The pax ran a warm-up drill called Hot Box (which is not illegal despite the mumble-chatter).  There were cones laid out to form 8×8 meter squares.  The pax were split up 3-4 per square.   Everyone starts in the middle of their square with one ball.  The ball carrier does a pop pass to another pax, but he can not receive the ball again until he has touched one of the corners.  The goal is to keep the ball moving and off the deck.  We ran this for 90 seconds.  There were 5 total dropped balls, so YHC led the pax in 25 penalty merkins and re-explained that pop passes should be lofted into the path of the receiver and not at the receiver.  The pax were fast learners, because there were no penalty merkins after the 2nd round.  Heart rates elevated, we moved onto:


The pax lined up across the parking lot at the top of an incline.  The 2nd person in line called an exercise of their choice and then punted a rugby ball.  The first person in line retrieved the rugby ball while everyone else did the exercise until his return.  After returning the ball, the returner goes to the end of the line, the kicker becomes the runner, etc…  This is where the true heart of the Greensboro PAX was revealed.  Everyone rooted for long kicks to punish the runners even though it meant more work for themselves.  Short Squeeze revealed after the fact that he was a soccer goalie in a previous life and prides himself on being able to punt a ball.

Everyone kicked and ran twice before Omaha was called and we lined up to rugby-style leapfrog run back to the shovel flag.  As we entered the straight-away to the shovel flag, jailbreak was called, and the pax sprinted it in the rest of the way for:


  • Various stretches.
  • LBCs 15 IC
  • Freddy Mercury (Foghat Style) 15 IC
  • E2K 10 IC each side
  • American Hammer 15 IC


Short Circuit took us out in a shieldlock.


  • Black Knight thank you for coming out and welcome to F3. Great to have a guy not only come out solo, but to have an idea of where his next work out will be even before the first one.
  • Cobains to the pax for giving an FNG a cool name. Had so many other ideas during the ride home.
  • Short Circuit great to have you back in Natville!
  • If you run into Houlihan’s wife, pull up a chair and ask her to tell you “the pallet story.” You will laugh for 10 minutes straight.  We need to start a petition to rename him Grumpy Pants IMHO.
  • We have the WOJO squat, the WOJO approved distance, but we need to brand the WOJO Fence Jump as well.
  • The pax at the Crater was awesome this morning! Great support to the FNG and the Six throughout.  YHC tried some new things with the workout and it was not always smooth, but the men pushed through and had a lot of fun getting better together.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!