AO It’s Just Lunch


Weather: like 3 inches from the sun

PAX Dabo,Caddy,Magician,BodyBag, Ponch,Barney, Patch, Percy, Kevin, Byrider (Q)


Slow mosey over to tree line then SSH, windmills, sun gods, chinooks, string rippers.

Thang: Wall work with a concession stand laps

We completed a wall exercise then ran two laps around the concession stand.


Donkey Kicks, BTW, Chicken Peckers, Dwight Howard’s, Mike Tysons,

No 10 counts just wallsits


We snuck in a round of Bear Crawl Inch Worm and a mosey to the amphitheater so we could backpedal up the hill.

Mary was completed at wall and included LBCs, dying cockroaches on wall, box cutters  and wonderful set of Homer and Marge.


Highlights of the day included a heckling of the PAX by Pre-pubescent vertically challenged humans.

Kevin has a really nice car (just don’t get caught in the rain)

The wall provided some shade only to be offset by the thermal dynamics of the concrete surrounding us. 


August 28th shooting and fishing outing in Madison  NC see Byrider for details.