Thursday 7:00-7:45pm

Closing Time

PAX: Windmill, Hey Guy, Waterboy, Apollo, Slide Rule, Nutmeg, Flatrate, Eggplant, Sheldon, Windmill, Dortmund, Spartan, Rabbit, Striker, Lederhosen, Michelin Man, Patch, Renaissance, Guiding Light (Q)

Eggplant asked YHC to flip scheduling dates with Creekside, which moved my planning date up a week. The plan was to bring a shortened, but sweetened workout to the evening boys of Closing Time. Still warm and a bit humid, Jaycee Park was bustling with summer evening activity when YHC rolled in to set up the beatdown. The workout would be staged in 4 areas: the shovelflag, the church parking lot, the wall, and the large parking lot. I dumped my big bag at the base of the shovelflag and waited to folks to show. WE had a decent crowd by 7:00 and so we commenced. I introduced the workout, the mission of F3, and a basic blueprint of how things would unfold– including prizes at the end (so the PAX needed to be on their A game.


15 side staddle hops (IC)

10 Sun Gods

10 reverse

10 Daniel-san gods (an F3 first. Hands out front doing a wax-on-wax-off motion)

10 Daniel-san planks (another first. plank position, one arm out, waxing on and off and then switching)

Mosey to the church parking lot. Waterboy blew plast along the way. The young man is thirsty for sweat!

While Windmill gave a ten count, we did merkins. Circled up in the parking lot:

15 string rippers

15 imperial walkers

Off to the wall on the side of Lewis Rec Center. At the wall, everybody gabbed a spot and we were instructed to wall sit while each man named an NFL team by full name. Mistakes, repeats, or long pauses would result in 3 burpees for everyone. Having a few two many unversed in American sports, someone said Los Angeles Raiders (3 burpees), New York Yankees (3 burpees), Bayern Munich….you get the idea. 12 burpees in penalties before we moseyed out once again! Next stop, main parking lot.

Main Thing:

In the big parking lot we grouped up with people we had not spent much time with and each team took a cone. Moving clockwise, we were to do said exercise on the card at that station until the whistle blows. When it blows, each teams does buttkickers to the next cone and begins to do the exercise on that card. Six stations with exercises such as carolina dry docks, LBCs, merkins, wojo squats, WWI situps….After one round, we flip the cards and do what is on the other side. 2X

We moseyed to the curb to do a set up calf raises X10 IC and then switch to curb derkins X20.

WE lunged across the parking lot. YHC sounded off that there were ‘no free lunges!’ After a long pause, Striker said “I just got that! It took me awhile.” to which YHC retorted, “I knew it would.”

So we are stuck on the other side of the parking lot. How do we get back? Suggestions? Somewhere belted out “Bearcrawl!” Democracy wins again! Bearcrawl it is! After the bearcrawl we long jumped across. You only jump on the sound of the whistle. Could be a long pause, or a short one, but at the whistle you long jump as far as you can. As we were going across, two older ladies were going slowly across the parking lot. Did we stop and give them courtesies? Unfortunately we did not. Better men next time! That finished, we moseyed back to the shovelflag for some mary.


Heel touches X15 IC

E2K x10 each side/ then double elbows to double knees x10

Cindy Crawfords x10 IC each side

American Hammers x15 IC

We ended a little early to make time for some fun awards:

Oldest Award went to Windmill (he won an archaeology kit) VERY FITTING!

Best Attitude Award went to Spartan (he won a 500 piece Footloose the movie puzzle)


F3Maine is starting and looking for support

Striker is going to be the new site Q at Rainbow Dash and is looking for Qs to sign up

Camping trip this weekend. Fun for all! Norwood’s much-anticipated “Keep Yourself Alive” film will be unveiled.


YHC took us out with a challenge to encourage others, to be the ones that lead by positivity and reaching out to help folks who need it.


Thank you for the opportunity to lead. Always a pleasure!