The scheudled Q was not feeling well and wanted to step out. Site Q saw the message upon beating the fartsack at 4:40AM. YHC told Tesla, that it would be covered.

Having nothing planned, YHC turned to my Site-Q stand by and grabbed the F3-DECK (many thanks to Smokey- we miss you bro).


A small crowd gathered (YHC and Boy Wonder) and no one else as some regulars were apparently meeting other pax for some trading of camp supplies for the annual camp/hike trip that Sacked plans based on the weekend that YHC can never attend.

I believe we actually skipped the mission, disclaimer, and 5 core principals. Much my fault, but I am fairly sure that BW knows them as well as anyone.

Pax: Boy Wonder (respect, war daddy), Bodett (war baby, QIC)


Mosey across street and around parking lot.

Gather for:

SSH x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

String Rippers x 10 IC

Mt. Climbers x 15 IC

Sungods x 10 IC forward & reverse


Grabbed the F3 workout deck. Shuffled 3 times and cut the cards. We would draw a card and do that exercise as best possible.

A slughter start occured as the first card was the Ace of something that read 100 calf raises.

Other cards followed.

We cut it off at 6:06 as the prayer warriors rolled in.


Alternating call of exercises x 5



  • nice new car BW; sorry it was a result of old vehicle failure.
  • Nice to have some beatdown bonding. YHC was pushed hard and with no one else  for Boy Wonder to look at, accountability was there
  • Prayers for safe travels for the pax on the camp/hike trip!  Also, for Sparta who is back in hospital.
  • Get well TESLA!