Date: July 20, 2021

AO: Arise:

QIC: Tesla

Time: 5:30-6:16


15 PAX: Nancy, Redcoat, Icarus, Earhart, Flo Jo, Pacer, Ricardo, Thurmanator, Popeye, Houlihan, Snakes on a Plane, Lynda, Boddett, Ricky Bobby

QIC welcomed the PAX to a beautiful, muggy Tuesday morning beatdown in downtown GSO.  We reminded the PAX of our mission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.  AYE!

Without hesitation, Warmorama began:

  • Side straddle hops
  • Mountain climbers
  • We stayed on the ground for shoulder taps – the PAX loved that moment early in the workout to stay low to the ground
  • Sungods, back and forth, back and forth
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Hillbillies

A late PAX rolled up and we were out of there.  Let’s mosey

We moseyed over to the bank building near the baseball stadium.  There are flower boxes everywhere with generous cement walls for an interlude before the thang.  All pax grab some short wall:

  • 15 Dips
  • 15 Dherkins

On to the spiral.


Thang:  Three parts, all challenging our geometric understanding:


Part 1 – Run up the Spiral

At every level, stop and provide a toll of 15 merkins of a variety:

  • Merkins – Level 1
  • Ranger Merkins – Level 2
  • Diamond Merkins – Level 3
  • Werkins – Level 4
  • Merkins – Level 5
  • Plank for the six at the top



PAX sat on the wall for a while so QIC could explain Part 2.  There would be no paper or winkies today.  The PAX would be challenged to remember their duties.  Most PAX could not hear QIC due to their own mumblechatter so QIC had to walk up and down and explain Part 2 while they sat on the way.  They thanked QIC frequently.


Part 2 – Four corners of the rectangle

Run around the top level of the parking deck and stop for exercise at each corner, all required leg involvement:

  • Corner 1 – 15 Monkey humpers – QIC did not specify IC, but the PAX clarified that for themselves and doubled the work.  Well done, PAX.
  • Corner 2 – 15 box cutters
  • Corner 3 – 15 Sumo Squats
  • Corner 4 – 15 Lunges – guess what the PAX did, they doubled this too.
  • Rinse and repeat


PAX mumblechatter died a bit, but all complied.  QIC called Omaha.



PAX sit on wall.  We count to sixty.  It was messy.  We got through it.


Part 3: Down the Spiral

Go back down, shorten your merkin types to 10 at each toll level.  Same merkins:

Merkins, Rangers, Diamonds, Werkins, Merkins


Wall sit for the six at the bottom.  Count to ten.  Run back to the garden planters to unwind the exercises:

  • 15 dips
  • QIC cancelled the 15 dherkins due to time and told the PAX to mosey back to the shovel flag.


MARY:  PAX each chose their favorite exercise today:

  • V-ups
  • Picklepushers
  • LBCs
  • Low Dollies
  • The other two
  • QIC finished with American Hammer


15 PAX counted out.


  • Nancy reminded us of the camping trip on Saturday with 4 PAX and 2.0s attending – 80 people in total!
  • Earhart mentioned some men and perhaps PAX that are struggling encouraged us to dig with those around us, ask questions, listen and encourage.
  • Icarus for securing a job at his internship!  He has one year left of school, then must decide on Asheville or GSO.  We know the right decision.
  • Thurm – for his brother in law and finding work


  • Ricardo for providing the opportunity to lead–a privilege!
  • Earhart for his continued focus on the PAX and connecting us to what’s really going on.
  • The PAX willingness to share and be vulnerable continues to grow and I’m always astounded by it.  Thanks brothers.