July 13, 2021

15 Pax showed up to help YHC celebrate 6 years of being an F3Greensboro Pax member.  Six years ago, Xerox told me about F3.  I decided to give it a try.  How hard can it be, I thought, so I ran about a mile from my house to the Grinder.  About 15 minutes in to the Quicken led workout and I knew I shouldn’t have run in.  I survived and shuffled back home afterwards.  But I was hooked.  I went back 4 more times that week.  Then I crashed….what a great thing I had found however.  I am thankful to have found this group and thank all of you for your fellowship and mentorship.  It has changed my life.  I love you all.

It was a geezer crowd today.  Glad to have some company in that department.  Respect and double respect crew – Let’s keep getting after it.

We started off with a short mosey around the parking lot for some butt kickers and high knees.  Then, we moseyed out to the traffic light on Lawndale to start….The Pendulum.  Not sure if Jingles or Xerox started this monster, but we enjoyed it once again.  Back and forth, stop light to stop light, along the Elephant Graveyard.  We got fourish rounds in before Omaha was called.

Mosey back to flag for Mary which really didn’t happen.


Archdale launch on Saturday.  Come out and support Gunny.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and thanks for your fellowship and inspiration.

Special thanks to Refi for making the trek to this AO!

YHC took us out.


PAX: Refi, Slag, Eggplant, Hoosier, Jitter Bug (Murph), Short Squeeze, Patch, Red Dragon, Stickshift, Xerox, Wojo, THE ManEater, Grafitti, EyeRoll, and Everest.

QIC: Everest