Tuesday, July 13, 2021. Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballenger Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410. 5:45 PM, warm, 88 degrees.

First thing, PM work outs are a thing.  Sure, I get it, gloom work outs are tough. Tough to get out of bed.  Add 20 degrees of heat in the summer, and will show you tough with a T.

Many Pax refuse to cross the 5 am line, so that FNG you be EHing maybe try a PM w/o?

Tclaps to the Pax of the Plate. We are sorta kinda removed from our founding home, and are working thru issues to return. AO’s are not all about the site, they are about the men who post.

15 showed for Layer Cake with Cream. All got better.

Pax: Slummy, Tarzan, Candy Crush, Laser Beam, Sheldon, Guiding Light, Mountain Momma, Mr. Hand, Damage Control, Rabbit, Apollo, Windmill, Double Check, Nutmeg, Oprah Khan and Expired on the Q.

We have lots of space at Leonard, this w/o aimed to use more of it. Very short mosey, and on to the warm-a-rama:

SSH/2 burpees/SSH/ 2 burpees/ Windmill/SSH/2 burpees/Windmill/ Elvis Lunge left and right/SSH/2 burpees/Windmill/ Elvis Lunge.

Elvis Lunge is start with rt hand up, in one motion go to lunge with rt hand touching left foot.  Repeat with left hand rt foot.

Slummy was bitchin, Apollo was mouthy too. Thought a mutiny was possible all thru the warm a rama. That’s a good thing right?

On to the Thang: Pax split into 3 groups for 3 circuits of LAYER CAKE. Each circuit had 4 stations.

Talk about miss information, only took 3 explains and then just a move on you will figure it out to get this going.

Do exercise 1, go to 2, repeat 1, 2, go to 3, and repeat 1,2,3 go to 4. 3 circuits of 12 exercises each, 36 total exercises.

Arms: merkins, dry docks, lucky sevens, SSH

Core: lbc’s, mt climbers, burpee’s, SSH

Leg’s: squats, wojo squats, elvis lunge, SSH.

Not much chatter, Pax likes small groups, and cadence was practiced.

Quick time check w Windmill, and time for some CRÈME ON TOP. Mosey to the other field for GASSERS.

Gassers are 50 yard sprints with set of 10 exercises at the start of each leg:

SSH’s, toe touches, wind mills, string rippers, imperial walkers, knee pulls, burpees, mt climbers.

Mosey to Flag for Mary: low slow flutters, box cutters, hammers.

Announcements- camping trip.

Nutmeg took us out. Thanks for the opportunity.  Mudflap on for next Tuesday. Expired.


Join us at the Plate, fine 2 F immediately after.