The PAX:

Frosty, Gekko, Boy Wonder, Earheart, Poehler, Shocker, Three Card Monty, Driftah, Mall Cop

The Setting:

It was a balmy and humid morning at ShakeWeight. We farmer carried our weights out of the garage and headed for the cooler parking lot next to the defunct Macaroni Grilll. I queued up a playlist of sufficiently angry music to fuel the workout and we got down to business.


Standard fare: SSS, Sun Gods, Windmills, String Rippers, whatever other stretching you see fit.

Thang 1:

Time to get to business. The workout was going to be an Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) affair. We warmed up by doing sets of 20 of the following, one exercise per minute, for three rounds yielding 12 minutes of warm up:

  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • Alt Curls
  • DB Swing

Thang 2:

I bought us some time to recover by telling the PAX the inspiration for this workout, the movie: Miracle – the story of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team. The pivotal moment of the film comes when the coach makes the team skate lines over and over again until the lights have been shut off in the arena. Each time he says “Again!” until finally the team comes together. The next EMOM I named AGAIN +1. All four exercises would be done each minute. The first set only one rep of each was performed. The second set 2 reps each. The third set 3 reps each … continuing up to 7 reps each.

  • DB Clean
  • DB Front Squat
  • DB Push Press
  • Burpee Over DB

I started adding time as the reps got past 5. We needed it. It was hot and this workout is no joke.


  • Body Destroyer IC
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Cindy Crawford – both sides
  • American Hammer


YHC took us out giving thanks for the opportunity to push our bodies and asking sky Q to keep Gekkos M and 2.0 safe in their travels to Florida for another track meet.


Awesome effort by all. This is was not an easy one. Good to see you in the gloom again Shocker! Impressive work by Boy Wonder doing half the workout in a weighted vest!