Paying my contractual obligation to Sticky-I arrived at the great white north expecting to see a huge crowd since I called out the Oakridge and North west boys to support their local AO and that there M’s really do not want them around.  It didn’t work, they obviously still believe their M’s want them around on the weekend.  Someday they will get the hint.   SO i was blessed with a small and intimate group, Stick Shift, Spurrier and Big Worm.  So when Spurrier arrived he shared with us that he was talking with the Softball coach about an old tarp on the Ball field he needed to get rid of, So he told him he got a group of men that would love to help get it moved…..did I say we had a small intimate group…..  I gave the obligatory Mission statement and disclaimer and head over to the track for some Warm-o-rama

SSH X 20ic

PLank to Bears x 10

MC 10 IC

String rippers

WInd mill

Chicken wings to finish the warm-a-rama

took a few steps to the End Zone of the Football field to GO over the Thang

First Part-MERTAPcides= Mekrin Should tap suicides

we started end zone ran to 10 did 2 MERTAPcides

then we added 2 every 10 yards all the way to opposite end zone where it was 20

Grand total of MERTAPcides was 110


we then went to the 50 yard line and did 11’s running the width of the field

X an O’s  and Dying Cockroaches


stayed there the next that (was supposed to be 21’s but i decided to bring it back to 11’s -remembering the the tarp.)

Dips and Plank Jacks IC

we got finished at about 7:50ish where we ran to the ball field-  We passed two fine gentlemen that we asked if they had any desire to help us 4 because we saw what we agreed too….they wanted no part of it, Big worm did get from them you probably want to roll it out before we try and getting over the fence because it is much heavier then you think-never truer words have been spoken.

We got to the Tarp it was a disgusting mess that most likely had snakes and other living creatures.  I know i caught Malaria.    We as all men wanted to test the knowledge of the gentlemen that wouldn’t help us and we tried to pick it up-I have hernia surgery schedule for this week.  They were correct it was heavy… we then rolled it out, damn it’s a lot of tarp.  So we cam up with a plan to hook pieces to the fence and then Muscle sections over the fence.  did i say a lot of tarp.  if it wasn’t for the beast we know as big worm i don’t think we would have gotten it done.  Fast forward it took us almost and hour and we were coated in mud and drenched with sweat and tainted water, but we got it done.  As I stated in the Tweet it made the work out feel like child play….. Glad we could help Spurrier and try to make the AO a better place then when we started,


We walked back to Shovel flag- where we all looked at each other in amazement that we were still all alive.

I took us out.


Hopefully the OAKRIDGE AND NORTHWEST boys will start supporting their local AO and Stick shift.  Till next time.