Date: 7/10

Pax: Kaizen, TPS, Air Ball, Steely Dan, JR


Recycled WO from previous Cougar Town Q 3 years and 10 days previous, in memory of “The Fight.”

WAR: Nope

Thang: Start with 2 minute plank, incorporate 10 peter parkers IC, 10 MTN Climbers IC, 6″ hold and 10 Merkins.  Mosey to track for 1 mile track run with 5 burpees every 200 meters.  Circle back for six.  Start set of 21’s across the field with Merkins & LBC’s.  Mosey to hill for set of 7’s with squats a the bottom and SSH’s IC at the top.  Finish with two rounds of 60 second BTTW & Wall sits.  Mosey back to shovel flag, time called at 59 minutes & 27 seconds.

COT: Absolutely

NMMS: No fight this year, I predict fights every 5 years or so, we’ll see.  It was a swampy morning.   YHC was motivated by the effort presented by the Pax this morning, all pushed extremely hard and left it all at the AO.  The tank was drained.