Wakanda July 10th 2021

Verlander VQ

PAX: Stretch, Sacked, Paddleboat, Serena, Pearl Two, John Coctostan, Nomex, Mixtape, Root, Verlander



SSH x20 IC

Windmills x15 IC

String Ripper x15 IC

Sungods x15, Chinook x15, Maracan Night Club x15 IC

Merkins x15 Single Count



2-man Grinder:


Cindy Crawfords, Hillbillies, Inchworms, Monkey Humpers, Prisoner Getups, Shoulder Taps while Partner runs the loop of the stadium entrance steps and the gates.


3-man Grinder with F3 Branded Cinderblocks:

Station 1: AMRAP- Imperial Walkers, Wojo Squats, Plank Jacks, LBC’s

Station 2: AMRAP- Diamond Merkins, Jack Webbs(no block), Crunchy Frogs, Balls to the Wall

AMRAP while one partner carries their coupon to the next station, from the Lincoln parking lot to the Lincoln front steps entrance next to the circle. Upon arrival, that carrier did a ‘Blockie’-Burpee with an overhead block press.

Omaha, then a mosey back to the starting circle for



Low Slow Flutter x20 IC

LBC’s x20 IC

American Hammer x10 IC