Sweat Angel – 7/8/21

It’s leg day!!!!

Actual Sweat Angel

Wild Sweat Angel spotted in its natural gloomy habitat.

5 Pax didn’t skip leg day. It’s been almost 2 years since this beatdown was last delivered. It was every bit as difficult as I remembered it and then some. I warned them that this might leave them sore for a few days. Two days later and I am still feeling this while climbing the stairs at City Meet.

The PAX:

Sweat Angel: Sacked, Bludog, Three Card Monty, Robin Hood, Mall Cop.

The Tunes:

Grunge Mix


You know its a serious day when your warm up includes a Burpee Ladder:

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Plank Jacks
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Super Slow Windmill
  • Buddha Stretch
  • Burpee Ladder – 1 Squat : 7 Burpees, 2 Squats : 6 Burpees … cycle continues until 7 squats : 1 Burpee

The Thang:

We did sets of 8 exercises starting with one rep per exercise and working up to eight reps per exercise.

  • Squat
  • Round the world lunges
    • Front Right
    • Side Right
    • Back Right
    • Back Left
    • Side Left
    • Front Left
  • Calf Raises
  • Straight-Leg Dead Lift

The Finisher!

Image result for mortal kombat finish him

With our legs wobbling, it was time to do the finisher. Three timed rounds of the following:

  • AMRAP Squats – 30 Seconds
  • Al Gore – 10 Seconds
  • AMRAP Squat and Calf Raise – 30 Seconds
  • Al Gore – 10 Seconds
  • AMRAP Squat Jumps – 30 Seconds
  • Al Gore – 10 Seconds
  • 40 Second rest


  • LBC
  • Cindy Crawfords
  • American Hammer


Keeping Snookie in our prayers following his father’s passing and asked Sky Q to also help guide Sacked and his father as they prepare for the transition we all make one day.


Greenhouse build at Good News.


Strong work by all at Sweat Angel. Everyone took it on with great attitudes. Enjoy the sore legs. You’ve earned them!