Was forewarned that the numbers would be low, but how low could it go.  My two fellow Pax members made sure to make me sweat thinkin oh what should I do if I am solo.  But Bodette and Eggplant decided to join YHC.  After the Mission, didnt’t really give a disclaimer other then I not going to have nay funky exercises so we all should be good.  We stayed in School parking lot where we did the Warm-o-Rama.  Where the two found out I may have lied just a little-there was a new exercise that I broke out.


PLank to Bear (new I think)-10

String rippers 15

WIndmills slow and easy-10

Chicken Wing 10 forward 10 back

Moseyed to thang a few feet away.



Number of reps -Rep-# of laps and burpees

50 SHoulder Taps-1 lap 1 burpee

40 Monkey Humpers and Calf raises 2 laps and 2 burpees

30 Crunchy frogs/Lunges/Plank Jacks  3 laps and 3 burpees

20 Mekrins/ Updown planks/Hip Thusters/picklepushers 4 laps 4 burpees

10 Crab Cakes/Box cutters/Power Squats/Tuck Jumps/Donkey Kicks  5 laps 5 burpees

that concluded the deconstruction of the Pyramid  On our mosey BAck I asked

“Jack Holes or More Mary”  Much to my suprise the two fine gentlemen Choose JACK HOLES

With the request we do it on Grass- I complied!

Little time for Mary

10 LBC IC with 10 LBC pulses

KTE 10 each side

14 IC AMerican hammers


NO announcement other then discussing the Greenhouse Project that Akron needs help with.


I Took them out, by telling them about my 16 year old Niece that is battling Cancer and How she lives life with Purpose and happiness that we need to embrace life and not sweat the small stuff!