AO: Cadet Lab


PAX TPS, EggPlant, Situation, Pitino, Daughtery, EPA, Nails, JR, Weed

QIC Black Swan


The Horse Show was back at Oak Ridge Tuesday morning, as 10 stallions graced the Park @ 0530

Humid Stretches for the Warma-Rama

Shelter for dips & step-ups

Concession building for some wall work

2 man Grinder in the parking lot

-100 Cinder Block Curls

-20 Curpies

-100 Plank Jacks IC

-100 Freddie (Hg) Mercury

-100 Block Tricep Extention

-300 LBC

-100 Mike Tyson

-100 Block Curls or Squats

-100 Dying Cockroach


-Where there’s Pitino, there’s Homer/ Marge

-American Hammer



-Prayers for family of Teens involved in Accident


Thanks for letting me lead!

-Black Swan