July 8, 2021

Sad Clown Killer – When the chips are down…


YHC had been receiving multiple chirps about the recent workouts being provided to the PAX, and what I might bring back for Thursday. Never one to be backed into a CORNER, nor one to put up with too much chirping, I decided to provide the PAX the opportunity to choose their fate, which turned out to be a GAMBLE and LOSE COMBO…I’ll explain…


EC – Drizzle, Stick Shift, AirBall, Slumlord, Black Swan, and TPS


PAX – Black Swan, AirBall, Xerox, Foot Fairy, Weed, Pitino, Drizzle, Sitck Shift, Slumlord, Kaizen and TPS.



Once we were all assembled and ready, YHC provided some guidance on the workout planned. First, no running. Weed, who is an Oak Ridge/Summerfield Pax member(never South of 840), hinted on Tuesday at Cadet Lab the wheels were a little worn out on the running. Second, AirBall and Stick Shift were thinking I’d defer to the usual Reindeer games I provide so I went off script.


Workout was planned with thirty-two (32) poker chips four (4) colors each representing an exercise. Count on the board was twenty-five (25). In my practice draws the night before, I never drew the same color chip more than three (3) in a row. Wish our luck had held out.


White – Mike Tyson

Blue – Plan Jacks

Red – Squats

Green – Aussie Mtn. Climbers


Off to the betting table.


Each pax member took their turn to withdraw one (1) poker chip from the bag and then proceed to count out the number.

Chip 1 – Mike Tyson

Chip 2 – Mike Tyson

Chip 3 – Mike Tyson

Chip 4 – Aussie Mtn. Climbers…chatter was building.


As luck would have it five (5) of the first nine (9) exercises were Mike Tysons – shoulders smoked.


We made it through twenty-eight (28) cycles leaving only four (4) chips in the bag



Enjoyed FRUNK coffee courtesy of Black Swan.