Tuesday January 6th, Blue Plate Special vacay edition- Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410. 5:45 PM, weather was warm and sticky- perfect to get it on.

YHC was asked by the principal at WGMS to fill out a facilities request form in order to use the school parking lot. Being a HIM I have picked up the application and am prepared to submit it, need some advice to navigate it’s many requirements, including a $632 annual insurance policy.

Hopefully some back channel wisdom bears some fruit,,,,,,

So we are at Leonard Recreation Center for the time being.

Running Mudflap and Windmill roughshod on multiple Q requests finally got Sheldon to answer the call. It was his VQ and he did not disappoint.

For months he has been kidding that his Q would be 30 minutes of calf raises?

PAX: Short Bus, Slumlord, Tarzan, Candy Crush, Mudflap, Stryker, Apollo, Windmill, Mr. Hand, Damage Control, Rabbit, Imelda, Plisskin, Expired, Patch, Michelin Man and Sheldon on the Q.

Short mosey around the AO and then we circled around the Flag for some warm a rama:

Usual exercises were performed. Q did a nice job of delegating the exercises.

After that another mosey to the school up the greenway. Each minute Sheldon would call a different exercise- this was the Thang. We ran around 2 miles, and at timed intervals exercises were called. A very effective work out!

At some point, Slummy introduced the Turkish Burpee- you had to be there.

Back to the Flag for Mary:

Low dollies, LBC’s and the Hammer.

Announcements were made, and a wrap was called- all got better. Tclaps to Sheldon for stepping up.