Shake Weights 6/29/21

PAX: Poehler, Gekko, Boy Wonder (R), Frosty (Happy Birthday), Mall Cop, 3 Card Monty, Robin Hood, Annie Oakley, Phoenix (R)

Warm Up
SSH x15 IC
String Rippers X15 IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC
Hill Billies x15 IC
Sun Gods x15 IC

Partner 200’s (run to top of Penbroke – 10 Merkins)
In & Out
Tricep Kickbacks
Shoulder Press

LBC x10 IC
Low Slow Flutter x10 IC
Homer & Marge x10
American Hammer x15 IC

F3 Camp/Hike July 23-25 Grandfather Mountain
Bring water to summer workouts!


Climb the Mountain
Jamieson Wolf

Life is filled with peaks and valleys. I sometimes wish there was a way to look out at what is to come, what hills I will have to climb and what waits for me at the top of those peaks, those mountains towering over the lower points.

But when I look back at what I’ve accomplished, at the valleys I’ve already waded across and the hills that I’ve had to climb, I wonder if I would have done anything differently. Would climbing those mountains meant so much to me if I had known what was coming? As I stand atop the highest mountain that I have ever been on, I realize that it doesn’t matter.

In life, there are peaks and valleys, mountains and swamps, fields and meadows, oceans and lakes and more. All that maters is that I keep going, keep fighting, keep dreaming. That I keep on living life to the fullest, whether I’m in a valley or standing on top of the world. All that matters is that I keep going, I keep climbing, That I keep breathing and finding joy in the smallest of things.

– We had an odd number of PAX so I joined up with Gekko and Poehler. #tclaps to Gekko for setting the pace and pushing me.
– Annie Oakley continues to push #him