Date: 7/3/2021

Workout: Cougar Town

Location: Kernodle Middle School

Pax: Foot Fairy, Air Ball, Kaizen (Respect), TPS, Hall Pass, Red Dragon, Wicked (Respect), Misfire, Ponch (Respect), Patch (Q)

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.


Mosey over to the track, 2 laps then up to the parking lot by the baseball field

20 – Peter Parkers IC

Downward Dog ~20 Secs

Upward Dog ~20 Secs

Downward Dog ~20 Secs

Upward Dog ~20 Secs

20 – Sun Gods IC

Side Lunge/Squat/Stretch hold for 20 Secs (each side)

10 – Merkins call out up and down individually count every up

The Thang – Two Man Grinder

The parking lot had 8 cones setup in a circle.  Pair up with a partner. You and your partner will go through the exercises as a team.  One person will run around the circle while the other does the exercises.  Exchange the progress on the count and relieve the guy doing the exercises every lap.

25 Burpees

50 Merkins

75 Squats

100 Burpees

125 Merkins

150 Squats

175 Low Dolly’s (SC)

200 String Rippers

The routine seemed to go well.  It’s easy to motivate guys as you round the circle.  You’re motivated to get back and relieve your partner…who’s grinding out burpees or merkins or squats.

Solid work by all. Foot Fairy had to leave near the end of the Thang.

EC Thang – Ascending Testicles

On the way back to the flag, we threw in some ascending testicles.  YHC didn’t articulate well what the plan was so we started with 25 second count off on the wall in various BTTW inclines.  We recovered so that we could re-try what was envisioned, but not articulated. TPS continued on without stopping even with multiple warnings it’s going to be a lot harder next time.

25 second low incline BTTW random count off

25 second mid incline BTTW very random count off

25 second high incline BTTW full plaid uneven randomized count off



TPS – Dying Coachroach 15 IC

Misfire – Heal Touches 10 IC

Ponch – LSF 15 IC

Wicked – Hip Dips 15 IC

Air Ball – Boat 15 secs

Red Dragon – Hold 6 inches for 90 secs

Hall Pass – Cindy Crawfords 10 IC each side

Kaizen – 5 Burpees (TPS did 10, 5 for Foot Fairy)

Patch – American Hammers 10 IC



Smurf Challenge, 3 Murphs a week for 2 months. 24 total Murphs.  All of July and August.

Camping Trip July 23-25.  Reach out to Sacked if you’re interested.

Ragnar Teams are filled and they’ve reached the maximum number of teams.  But the event is August 13-14.

Turkey Bowl will be coming up.

Albemarle one-year anniversary is July 10th.  Drysdale has been coordinating some support for that.  Be on the lookout for further details if you’re interested in being there.

Monday Convergence 6 AM at Circle Time

Close Out:

Shared a story about living Third.  Try not to get wrapped up by circumstances.  Try to think of others first; live to serve.  Acknowledge our mistakes and try to learn from them.  Be careful how you set goals.  Try shifting your goals from achievements, positions, and material things to being an effective person capable of such accomplishments (examples: 3S2T, and relationship building). Then live eager to serve, and pass those traits on.  The most effective tool we have to improve the world, at any level, is to be an example of someone with robust positive attitude.

“If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

The goal isn’t to chop down the tree, it’s to chop down the tree most effectively; fast and the greatest ease.  You become better Prepared to do it again.  In living Third, set your sights on becoming a better giver, not simply to give more.

Happy 4th of July Weekend my friends.

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