PAX: Sir Isaac (also known as Sir Charles…doh!), Kevin (respect), Windmill (Double Respect), Defib, Socrate, Oxone, Hazmat (Respect), Sacked (respect), Mugsy, Roscoe, Flamingo, Longtime -splinter run-, Matlock -splinter Murph-, Jitterbug- Q

Perfect morning for the workout!  Clear, 60 degrees (ish), gorgeous!  LET FREEDOM RING!!

After the intro, and disclaimer we Moseyed through the playground -Hey Matlock -doing Murph Squats- at Jaycee Park to the parking lot at the baseball field, around that and onto the baseball field’s infield area for a little Warm-O:

SSH’s: 20 IC, Lunges: 16 IC, String Rippers: 15 IC> then we Moseyed around the perimeter of the baseball field, back to the infield where we were joined by Defib!  Aye! for more Warm-O:

Imperial Walkers: 16 IC, Lucky 7’s:  YOU’RE LUCKY YOU GET TO DO THEM!  :D, and High Jack High Jill’s:  “Do you have a question Socrate??

Then we Moseyed back to the parking lot to enter the trail next to Safety Town and head toward Country Park.  We paused -planked it up 2X- for the 6 and to avoid losing people at turn (short cut).

We got to the road that runs around Country Park and were about 50 yds from Wicked’s Hill/Folly where I had stashed some directions for the THANG!

PARTNER UP!  Two  man grinder, 1 man climbs the hill by 5 different methods, while partner stays and does 1/5 excercises.  Partner 1 when reaching the big oak at the top turns and returns to the bottom of the hill to relieve his partner, who then climbs the hill and repeats the method just performed by his partner.

Hill Climb Methods were:

High Knees, Skip, Bear Crawl (always a crowd fav! -250 steps…I counted) Back Peddle (tougher than I thought it would be) and Run

Exercises at the bottom were:

Lt. Dans, Mike Tysons (great prep work for 2nd man’s “Bear Crawl” ouch! -sorry), Squats, Low Slow Flutters, and Wind Mills w a pump at the top.  We wrapped it up and headed back to the trail, where I cut a civilian female off who was walking and was declared “rude” by the Nantan… “SORRY!!”…keep running…

We moseyed back to Safety Town on the trail with a couple of stops, but overall made good time.  Good work guys!  We recovered a bit walking across the parking lot and gathering everyone, then we Moseyed back through the playground to the flag, where we did some….


On your six!  LBC’s:  20 IC, + Cindy Crawfords: 8 IC each side, + The American Hammer… asked our Nantan: Sacked to take us out.  He did, with 15 AH’s IC.  Good times.

Counted off.  Announcements:

Get registered for the camping trip at Grandfather Mtn., July 23-25, Coffee at Bruegger’s patio this morning at 815, New Design for an F3 shirt by Red Dragon is still available, Defib has golden retriever puppies for sale… $1800 each!

Defib took us out:  Remember those who are injured.  We thank you Lord for all your blessings!  Remember those who are struggling.  We thank you for this fellowship.

Good times!  Happy Fourth Y’all!