Saban, Mall Cop, Happy Trees (FNG), Flojo, Backdraft, City Slicker, Mauler, Nomex, Ricardo, Drysdale


Eleventy (11) guys came out to Inkwell to work through a traditional three man grinder. FNG Danny now AKA Happy Trees (think Bob Ross/painting) joined us and was EH’d by Nomex, who is now two EH’es away from earning his pyramid windbreaker. Everyone hustled and some finished off the workout at Krispy Kreme to devour some POWER RINGS (donuts).

Slow mosey to the starting cones for a real quick Warm-o-rama
15 SSH
15 Imperial Walkers
12 Sun Gods, both directions
Leg Stretches

The Thang

One PAX at either end of the run AMRAPing exercises listed on the sheets and one runner between the two stations in the parking lot. Once relieved running partner does exercise while partner that was performing exercise runs to other end to relieve other partner. Again exercises are done AMRAP until relieved by running partner.


1. Jack Webbs
2. Upright Row
3. Squats with Block
4. Curls
5. Bench Press with Block
6. Overhead Press
7. Straight Arm Lift
8. Block Swing (like Kbell swing)
9. Skull crusher (tricep) w/block
10. Irkin

1. Low Slow Flutter with block held overhead
2. Hold block overhead (Cusack)
3. Calf raises with block
4. WWI sit-up with Block
5. Bent Row (not String Ripper)
6. Lunge with block
7. Derkin
8. Plank on block
9. Diamond Push Ups on block
10. Clean and Press with block

20 Heel Touches
15 American Hammers


Sorry this portion of the audio was erased to protect the innocent or I am lazy or the events have passed and have no impact on this Backblast. YOU MAKE THE CALL!

That said, Camp Hike, see Double Check.