AO Shake and Bake

Weather muggy

PAX 10 total

Slag, Xerox, Red Dragon, Stickshift, Pitino, Slumlord, Jitterbug, Go Blue, Ramesses, Byrider (Q)

I arrived at 5:18 only to see Xerox already rolling around the track. Pitino missed the turn and ended up at a locked gate (insert the Song Signs by Five Man Electric Band here!). Xerox ridiculed me for parking in the wrong spot….. I was worried that my reputation might not be enough to draw a crowd….slowly other PAX arrived.

Stick shift gets the Coolest arrival award as he is quite dapper in his root beer colored Infiniti and Yet another unique Washington shirt.

We warmed up by walking the tracking performing the normal list of warm up exercises. We then slow moseyed for two laps (Several Pax chattered on like old women saying my plan was “just” running! HA!

Thang Burpee Mile

50 burpees spread however you like over a one mile run.

After the six was in we rolled out to the parking lot for some sprint work. I had to make good on my promise to Pitino!

I managed to reference a hockey movie.

We slow moseyed one more lap to bring the heart rate back down.


Homer and Marge


YHC took us out