June 29, 2021


Cadet Lab – Hometown Heros


Where’s all my people at?…I guess this weekend’s Q perhaps was not as well received as I thought it had been due to the number of regular pax who were in absentia.


Calling out…JR, Buck, Spike, ESL, Loveseat, Pitino, ByRider, BullDog, Cottontail, and Udders.


YHC having enjoyed the Saturday CougarTown smoker (AREA CODE) bingo, opted for a modification to use ZIP CODES this am.


Cones were set up 10 yards apart.


Started with PAX HOME ZIPCODE (27358) WITH burpees.


Then, continued with PAX HOMETOWN ZIPCODE. Each pax member choosing the exercise…Black Swan although the youngest has blocked out his past and made a best guess on his hometown zipcode. Obviously, did not send MOM a Mother’s day card via the post office.


Finished last three (3) sets with

HS Graduation year (YYYY)

Anniversary (MM/DD)

Favorite Child Birth Year (YYYY)


Challenge to the pax is to enjoy the little moments pointing to a divine creator who loves us.


PAX – Situation, Misfire, EPA, Weed, Black Swan, and TPS