Date:  6/28/21

Workout:  Col Hard Fax

Pax:  The Situation, Surge (Respect!), EPA, Rocky Mountain High (FNG – Jake Bachmann), Pitino, Byrider, Polo, Tent City, Udders (YHC)

On a pleasant late June morning 8 pax joined YHC at Natville’s favorite Monday outpost:  Col Hard Fax!

YHC received a text yesterday from site Q Byrider that Surge planned to post.  YHC quickly texted back that he didn’t believe our trusty Site Q.  I’m not sure what Site Q promised Surge, but Surge rolled up (as promised) with an FNG to boot #MiraclesHappenEveryDay

As a Wolfpack fan YHC was still stewing over the baseball’s team untimely exit from Omaha.  As a tribute to the team YHC designed a workout today with them in mind.  It went down something like this…

F3 Disclaimer & Mission Statement

Pledge of Allegiance at the Shovel Flag



Windmills X 13 IC

Weed Pickers X 13 IC

Goof Balls X 13 IC

Sun Gods X 13 IC

Reverse Sun Gods X 13 IC

Chinooks X 13 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs X 13 IC

Copperhead Squats X 13 IC

The Thang

Fellow Pack fan EPA immediately recognized the impact of the #13.  YHC then did his own version of the Wolfpack Grinder (created by Stroganoff from Gastonia).  We covered just under 2 miles with plenty of sets of Merkins, Squats, and LBC’s for all.  YHC even mixed in some of the other pax’s favorites along with Monkey Humpers X 13 IC facing Market Street #YouOnlyLiveOnce


Freddie Mercury’s X 13 IC


Heel Touches X 13 IC

Homer & Marge

American Hammer X 13 IC


YHC took us out

Kotters to Surge at T-Claps for getting Rocky Mountain High out today (can’t think of a better name for a Denver native).  All pax performed well today and gave maximum effort.

Now for the significance of the #13.  YHC has been excited by the Pack baseball’s team march to Omaha.  The team overcame a slow start to finish as ACC runner-ups, win the Ruston Regional, beat an incredible Arkansas team on the road in the Fayette Super Regional, and then advance to the College World Series in Omaha and win their first 2 games for the first time in program history.  Wolfpack nation was riding high until Friday, and then due to COVID the team was given the choice of forfeiting or playing with only 13 players.  The team chose to play with 13 against Vanderbilt, and played a fantastic game under the circumstances against double the number of players from Vanderbilt.

So why mention this in my backblast?  Well YHC learned that Mayday Malone, son of Slim Shady from Carpex, pitched a great game against Vanderbilt Monday night.  So good that as a Freshman he beat one of the top 3 baseball pitchers in the country this year in a game that will be long remembered in Omaha.  Then on Friday Mayday Malone stepped up to play First Base (which he hadn’t played all year) and proceeds to go 3-4 from the plate and nearly lead the Pack to an incredible win.

YHC was impressed with the heart of this team with our F3 brother and the way they stepped up and did the hard thing against really tough odds.  Life isn’t always fair, and it can be quite cruel.  But Mayday Malone and his teammates showed YHC and many across the country a great example of resiliency, teamwork, and inspired many over the course of the past few weeks.  It wasn’t the ending anyone wanted but T-claps to this group of men for giving their all.  You made us all proud.

I’m thankful for this band of brothers across Natville and the Nation.  Thank you for your encouragement, support, and push to be the best I can be.

Until next time Natville.