Date:  6/26/21

Workout:  Rainbow Dash

Pax:  Brisket (Respect!), Viagra (Respect!), Stryker, Fannie Pack, Steely Dan, Expired (Respect!), Secretariat (FNG – John Randolph), Flat Rate (Respect!), Simone, Rabbit (Respect!), Udders (YHC)

On a overcast yet warm June morning 10 fellow pax joined YHC at the premier Saturday workout in the ’08:  Rainbow Dash!

YHC rolled in with Secretariat 5 minutes early (you never know how long it will take to arrive from Southern Virginia) and Rabbit was already there getting warmed up.  Over the next 5 minutes the pax continued to roll in until 0700 arrived.  No sign of Stubing who facilitated the EH of our FNG Secretariat or our trusty Site Q Butt Fumble.  #StubingOverslept

F3 Mission Statement and Disclaimer

Pledge of Allegiance at the Shovel Flag

Mosey to parking lot in front of school for…



Windmills X 15 IC

Sun Gods X 15 IC

Reverse Sun Gods X 15 IC

Chinooks X 15 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs X 15 IC

Burpees X 10 OYO (YHC had to take control back of the Q)

Weed Pickers X 15 IC

Copperhead Squats X 15 IC

Mosey to the Stadium for…

The Thang

4 laps around the track.  Stop every 100m to do an exercise.

100m – 10 of exercise

200m – 20 of exercise

300m – 30 of exercise

400m – 40 of exercise

Good job by pax giving some variety here.

We then moseyed back to the wall by the school for the following…

3 Rounds

10 Step Ups each leg

20 Squats SC


We then moseyed to the big parking lot for…


Each pax planked 1 foot apart.  Pax jumped over other pax until we worked our way across the parking lot.

Mosey back to the shovel flag for…


Heel Touches X 15 IC


Freddie Mercury’s X 15 IC

Homer & Marge

Cindy Crawford’s X 10 IC each side (because it’s always swimsuit season)

American Hammer X 1 IC


Rabbit took us out

Fantastic job by the pax today.  Our FNG was named Secretariat due to his Kentucky roots.  The mumble chatter at the Dash is always top notch and today was no exception.

It was an honor to lead this group of men today.  Thank you again for the opportunity.

Until next time Natville…