PAX: Snowflake, Guiding Light, Ramses, Tesla, Akron, Nomex, Wojo, Ozone, Bulldog, Dont Cha Know, Bruce Lee,  Saban, Houlihan, Sacked – QIC

14 Men took their DRP at Q Crater this morning. With 70 degrees plus high humidity present it was time to get things rolling on the dot at 5;30 a.m. With all experienced PAX present we reviewed the 5 core principles and our credo (A+ to the guys on both items). Introduction completed it was time to mosey down to the first intersection to the right of the school parking area.


  • Sun Gods X 15IC
  • String Ripper X 15IC

Mosey to the next lighted intersection

  • Hillbillies  X 15IC
  • Toy Soldier X 15IC

Mosey to the next lighted intersection

  • Peter Parker X 15IC
  • Merkin        X 10

Mosey up the hill. At the matching traffic signs

  • Hug Thy Self (continuing walking)
  • Air Press (continuing walking)

Once we arrived at the Apex Analytix building parking lot we circled up to begin the Thang. Two full sets of the exercises listed. PAX called out the count.


RD 1      RD 2

  1. WERKINS                                               X 20  X 20
  2. WW1 SITUPS                                         X 22  X 22
  3. PRAYER SQUAT                                    X 24  X 24
  4. MERKINS                                                X 26  X 26
  5. CINDY CRAWFORD                             X 28  X 28
  6. COP HD SQUAT                                    X 30  X 30
  7. CAROLINA DRY DOCKS                     X 32  X 32
  8. DYING CROACH                                   X 34  X 34
  9. MONKEY HUMPER                             X 36  X 36

With time running tight we formed 1 line and did an Indian Run all the way back to the School parking lot. When we arrived we did a roughly 30 yard lunge walk to the Shovel Flag and circled up for Mary.


  • BOX CUTTER X 15ic
  • SUPERMAN X  15ic
  • HOMER – MARGE X 15ic



  1. Wojo – Freed To lead discussion continues on Friday – 6:30 a.m. – Starbucks Battleground Parking lot.
  2. Bulldog – need Q’s to sign up for Quaker Crater. BD passed the clipboard and got 8 Q’s just like that. Well done.
  3. Snowflake – Camp Hike Trip Signup and Payment instructions coming out in the next week or so. Be on the look out.
  4. Wojo – July 17 is the Randolph County F3 Launch. Need clown cars to head south and support Gunny and the guys as Natville launches this new location. Will need clown cars for several week after as well.
  5. GREAT Showing at Special Blend this past Saturday. 40+ guys! Well done and thanks Houlihan for taking the lead on this.


  • It was great to see all of the EC Runners teed up by Akron come rolling into the parking lot at 5:25 a.m. I didn’t get a count of the EC runners, but it was at least 7 or 8. Well done guys.
  • Lots of good mumble chatter heard throughout the workout. A few timely quotes not fit for print, but nonetheless stirred the laughter.
  • It is now known clearly that some of us lunge walk slower than others…….. Bruce Lee and Akron move it on out….YHC has some work to do.
  • Good group for Coffeteria afterwards
  • Thanks Bull Dog for the opportunity

COT – Bull Dog took us out.

Honor to lead. Aye, Sacked