June 26

Pax AirBall, Hall Pass, Jitterbug, Kaizen, Jiggawatt, Drive Thru 2.0, TPS

YHC was contacted late last night as an emergency back up, no one else available, better than closing Q-opportunity.
Having been recently inspired by the Misfire ‘Boeheim’ workout at SCK, YHC created Area Code Burpee.

Usual suspects arrived. Greeted by an air raid to start.
Headed to the track.

Cones were spaced approximately 10 yrds apart. Run to area code digit and do that number of burpees. Return to start line for the pax.
YHC knew we were doing it right when Jiggawatt asked if we were done yet.

Jitterbug gave it a 7.8 on his scale of difficulty. Definitely hit the wall on the (984).

Did 17 more at the end for an even 150

Great crew.
Coffee and bagels afterwards.