Slamming Sammies Smackdown



Houlihan, Akron, Earhart, Major Pain, Gunny, Meter Maid (FNG), Snakes on a Plane (SOAP), Nomex, Red Coat, Nancy, Golden Corral, Mahler, Mall Cop, Tesla, Pacer (Respect), Short Squeeze, Ricardo (QIC)


I arrived at the home of the SSS this morning around 0525.  I started with delivering my specially prepared Winkies to the location of the Thang!  So, arriving at the basketball courts at 0527 of course brought immediate mumble chatter about a late arrival.  I knew right away this would be fun.  I welcomed an FNG, reminded myself of a couple of names (still learning after a year in GSO).  I gave a flawless mission statement, disclaimer, and explanation of today’s workout.  In F3Carterico down at the coast, mumblechatter was always strong.  One of our favorite ways to make someone from Raleigh or the Triad feel welcome was to mock them for clapping in exercises like String Rippers.  We never clapped.  So for my first year in GSO, I never clapped.  Well, after exactly one year since my first F3Greensboro workout, I decided to succumb to the peer pressure and officially leave my “Down East Ways” behind.  I clapped!!!  We all clapped…  A lot…  For this workout.  I think by the end, some of the PAX may have hated they ever asked me to clap…


Mosey to Wind Chimes

  • String Rippers – w/clap
  • Bat Wings
    • Sun Gods – 10
    • Seal Claps – 10
    • Overhead Claps – 10
  • Wind Mills – w/clap
  • Mountain Man Poopers

The Thang

Mosey to Big Parking Lot
Partner Up – BOMBS

  • B – 50 Burpees w/ Clap
  • O – 100 Overhead Claps
  • M – 150 Merkins – Clap optional
  • B – 200 Big Boy Sit Ups – Clap on Up
  • S – 250 Squats w/ overhead clap (we Omaha-ed the clap)


  • Body Destroyers
  • American Hammers

COT – Announcements and Prayer Requests

  • Welcome Foday – now known as Meter Maid!
  • Enjoyed the coffee and fellowship afterwards.
  • Thanks for the keys, Pacer!