AO – Shake ‘n Bake

Q – Bobby Knight

Weather – Sticky

PAX Present – Red Dragon (Site Q), Ramses, Wojo (Respect), Slag (Respect), Xerox (Respect), Demo, Jingles, Whirlybird, Drizzle (Respect), Graffiti (Respect), Centerfold, YHC

12 PAX gathered in the gloom (YHC included) for some cardio on the track at GDS. The Mission was stated, a disclaimer was given, and we were off.


We jogged a lap, including a side-shuffle-gallop thing on the back straightaway, then circled up.

SSH, Hillbillies, Abe Vigoda, String Rippers, Calf Stretches, Runners Lunge


4-Man Mile Relay – We split into three groups of four, and a member of each team jogged to the four corners of the track. On the whistle, everyone started jogging around the track with the exception of the first man from each team. This person sprinted to catch the second man and then settled into a jog, then the second man sprinted to catch the third, the third to catch the fourth, the fourth to catch the first, and so on until each team had completed a mile. Regrettably, Whirlybird tweaked a hammy on the last lap.

Accelerator – Each person was charged with running another mile. We jogged the first 100 meters, and then accelerated each of the following 100-meter sections at 60, 80, and 100 percent respectively. This continued for four laps.

Aussie Mile – We partnered up for the last mile. Each pair ran the turns at 75%, then took turns running backward on the straightaways at 50% while the forward-running partner ran next to them, making sure they didn’t run into anything.

When a Wojo-approved distance was reached, Omaha was called.


We did some stretching and an American Hammer. Mumble chatter was at a minimum.


YHC took us out.

Post Script – In retrospect, perhaps starting with sprints was a bad idea. Apologies to Whirly and prayers for quick healing.