PAX: Polo, Situation, Byrider

Sunday run from ORP’s far lot

I showed up a little before 7:30 to find Polo walking his dog and talking to his M. I was introduced to his other half while the beagal sniffed me shoes throughly (might be Leroy my golden doodle’s fault). She and the dog walked off around ORP. Situation rolled up a few minutes later.

We formulated the course up Linville to Haw River then down Pepper Road on to the MST trail back to Linville Rd.

We set off to tackle the Linville Hill of suffering (I just named it, Strava needs a segment name change .66 mile hill at 3%) We were passed Randy (knows my son and us in MST board) on way up the hill. He said he’d see us on the trail……guess this must have inspired Situation because we turned toward the cascades. WAIT that’s not the route! Polo did the wise thing stuck to original plan.

On the way down the hill to the Cascades “Randy” pulled away……he’s faster than us….


I started to regret this route shortly after hitting trails. I’m not sure what was higher the humidity or the insect saturation. They both were terrible!

At some point this run became a Rike… + hike=Rike…….see what I did there?
Hills were kicking my back side.

MST trail was freshly groomed, the random cinder blocks were finally put to use…..guess they weren’t left after an F3 workout. The bugs were somehow worse than the previous trail. We emerged onto Linville and chatted about Daughtry and how he should take over a site-Q at Col Hard Fax. 30 seconds later a black 4Runner rolls past and beeps! Daughtry! My ESPN musta been working overtime.

Polo rolled past as well (he musta dropped M and Dog off at home b4 getting coffee)

We were almost back to the start (walking at this point) and Randy caught us again.

Roughly 6 miles covered.

YHC was smoked

Happy Father’s Day men!!!