June 19, at 700 am we got together to have some fun at the park.

At 7 I stated the mission statement. Then we said the pledge of ALLEGIANCE. Then a short mosey to the parking lot of the nearby church.

We circled up. The we got right into Warm ma Rama.

1st exercise Side straddle hop I noted the cadence and the Pax said the count

2nd exercise Imperil Walkers same

3rd 7’s normal, Diamond’s and wide

4 Goblet squats

5 Hillbillies

plank in a circle counting up to 65 which coincidentally is my age.

Then the “FUN” started. Malicoff helped lead us in a few rugby drills. Our man Sacked said, ” does. this mean I am not a rugby player?” Not quite buddy.

We then played a quick game of 7’s. No actual scrums formed and although some of us, more than ME, showed signs of why he played BB at UNC ! His moves were flawless.

Then about 7:35 we attempted to use a medicine ball to play volleyball. Because of the size and weight i thought it would be Wise to allow one bounce. No injuries were reported.

Then we had a short mosey to the flag where we finished up with Mary, We went around with each of us calling an exercise in this order Core, Legs and upper body.

Long time noted Lots of jobs out there for folks to step up to. We then introduced our FNG which so happened to be my Son in Law.

Thanks for caring. I am going through a lot of things right now and I am trying to keep everything in prospective. Love this group and 6+ years ago I didn’t even think I was a SAD CLOWN. THANK YOU

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