45/15 Tabata & Blocks at Good News

• Friday June 18, 2021
• 0530 to 0615 hours
• Evangel Fellowship Church
• 58° F, 78% RH

Pax (8 with the Q)

Bruce Lee, Bird’s Nest, Bodett, FloJo, City Slicker (Respect!), P-O-E-H-L-E-R, LiteBrite



The pax were welcomed at 0530. No FNG’s present today. Instead, a crew of steely-eyed veteran pax greeted YHC as he exited the car this morning. I knew instantly this was a tough crowd. They expected no quarter nor would any be given. To that end, the usual opening pleasantries were completely disregarded as we strapped up and got to work.

The Warm-A-Rama

Abe Vigoda x 10 IC Super slow cadence to get our stretch on
String Rippers x 15 IC
Chinooks x 10 IC then reverse x 10 IC
Sun Gods x 10 IC
Reverse Sun Gods x 10 IC
Imperial Walker x 15 IC
SSH x 15 IC
Slow mosey around the church parking lot

Tabata Style with Timer – 45 seconds of work / 15 seconds of rest. The pax counted off. There were 15 exercise stations to which the pax were assigned according to their number. As the pax were assigned their station, cinder blocks were issued for stations 1, 4, 7 10 and 13. All other exercises were bodyweight only. We rotated around the stations each time we completed one cycle of 45 seconds. The 15 second rest was used to move to the next station. Our goal was to complete two full rounds of 15 stations. The pax rallied as time ran short and managed to complete the task.
1. Blockee
2. Money Humpers
3. Merkin
4. Overhead Press with block
5. Body Builder (Burpee + Plank Jack)
6. Low Slow Flutter
7. Squat w/block
8. Plank
9. Air Chair (People’s chair + air clap)
10. Block swing
11. War Hammer (WW2 sit-up + 4 American Hammers SC)
12. Mountain Climbers
13. Bent Over Row w/ Block
14. Side Straddle Hop
15. Carolina Drydocks

6 Minutes of Mary (Abbreviated version)

• American Hammer x 1 IC (yep, that’s not a typo.)



• Summer Solstice Sunrise Yoga Sunday 6/20 5:45am. Hit up Radiator for more details.
• Juneteenth Ruck 0900 Saturday 6/19.
• City Slicker’s family is having a cook-out at Northeast Park on Sunday at Shelter #4 2:30 to 5:30. You’re invited to stop by.
• Bodett is Qing Circle Time on Monday. This is a summer solstice beatdown. Bodett says we will “explore new things”. You’ll have to show up to find out more.


YHC closed us out.

As per YHC’s tradition, all attendees at this workout were given an F3 sticker as a participation medal.

The Moleskin

Bodett, hope your knee gets better soon. Thanks for all you do for this AO.

FloJo, thank you for helping with the music and the timer.

I’ll let you fellas know when we line up the photographer to shoot the pictures for the upcoming “Men of F3” calendar.

Radiator – out.