June 17, 2021

This backblast is not for the faint of heart…

So yesterday near the end of the Deathstar workout, I was informed by local pax celebrity See-Thru to his pending child number 4.

Holy cow…I guess some people were busier than others during a Covid19 lockdown. And for sure some measure of social distancing was not practiced.

Always one for mocking the news shared by others, and with a timely Q scheduled at SCK the following day, YHC decided to do a #BOTCHED #VASECTOMY inspired workout.

Point of fact, no local urologist is on the hook for this one. Can’t pull the goalie late in the game and not expect a couple to land in the net.

Point of fact, although birth control has largely been considered to be the responsibility of the wife in a committed relationship, a true partner will consider abandoning some Hugh Hefner inspired manifestation of having children in his 70’s and make an informed decision. #WOKELIFE

Point of fact, the urologist does not normally remove said huckleberries, except for J-Love who keeps his on a chain around his neck.

Notes – Spike drove himself to the workout…Buck…no show.





Thang 2

Moseyed to the hill for eight (8) sprints.



Pax –

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