The 21 Pax who attended the Starmount Stampede were graced with cooler, drier  conditions than are typical for this time of year. Whereas the gentle environs of such a lovely morn induced most pax to a state of dazed bliss, it became clear that a healthy rivalry was developing between two of our F3 brothers. As the morning progressed the pax observed Explosion and Coach K exchange escalating demonstrations of physical prowess and stamina that was not limited to running but also included guttural howler monkey like vocalizations and head butt battles. The pax expressed a bit of bewilderment over the heated competition as it was not apparent that any mating opportunities were present in the area.


20 Side Straddle Hops IC, 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 20 slow Windmills IC


The Thang

The lovely Starmount neighborhood presents an opportunity for varying efforts. The Pax were asked to alternate jogging at about 50% effort and 90% effort at every street intersection. At various designated points of the loop, faster guys are sent to pick up the six. However, instead of simply turning around when reaching the six, they must proceed to the next intersection and repeat the effort required.

Upon returning to the AO, the rivalry between Explosion and Coach K culminated as they both charged vigorously toward the finish line. The pax admitted confusion over this sudden propensity for dominance hierarchy, but did admit it was entertaining.

20 Low Slow Flutters, 20 American Hammers

Everest, Akron, Wojo, Nancy, Coach K, Ricky Bobby, Bodette, Eye Roll, Ramsies, Footloose, Wilma, Goldon Corral, CJ, Scooby Doo, Eggplant, Explosion, Thor, Hairnet, Gilligan, Drizzle, Norwood (Q)

• Juneteenth Ruck, Saturday 9:00am, Grace United Methodist Church
• Freed to Lead, Meet behind super starbucks 6:30am on Friday
• Uptown Funk Drummer as part of Norwood’s “Keep Yourself Alive” tribute to F3 video project