33rd meeting since the Blue Plate was founded on November 3, 2020.

32 Backblasts, only missed one thanks to a certain near Redwood,,,,,

We meet at 5:45 Western Guilford Middle School, Tuesdays.

Windmill was on the Q, he always brings a good one. Well planned, and UPTEMPO.

June 15th would be no different. We had 17 Pax in tow, including one FNG, Welcome “Slider” formerly Tim J.


Slider, Expired, Schnitzel, Sheldon, Slumlord, Candy crush, Tarzan, Plissken, Mr Hand, Minute Man, Bruce Lee, Messi Mozart, Odessa, Damage Control, Snow White, Mudflap and Windmill on the Q.

AO has a nice Rubber Track and Windmill made full use of it. Short Mosey to the field and we circled up. You know its going to be UPTEMPO when you start with Mtn Climbers.


Mtn. Climbers 15

Wojo Squats 20

String ripper 15

Sun Gods-Chinooks 4×10

Windmill 15

Lap around track– 4 stops x 5 burpees

Two men Grinder- one man performs while other runs across the field and back

  • 80 WW1 Situps
  • 100 Merkins
  • 120 Shoulder taps IC
  • 140 Dying cockroach IC
  • 160 Squats

Lap around track – 4 stops x 10 crunchy frogs (+10 bonus last stop)


Plank circle, 90s

American Hammer 25

Honored to have Windmill step up again to Q. The Plate has a lot of newer F3 guys and they are learning from some of the best.


Slummy has the Bo Derek Challenge this Saturday at Nordic Track.

Bruce Lee talked up the Juneteenth Walk this Saturday, June 19th. Raising awareness for June 19th is important, thank you!

Slummy took us out.