Local Honey

Pax: Simone, Linda (R), Everest (R), John Coctostan, Newhart, Poehler, Mahler, City Slicker (R), Boy Wonder (R), Radiator (R), Etch-a-Sketch (R), Huggies, Ricardo (QIC)

Walked out the door this morning to a slightly cooler and less humid experience!  Yay!  YHC arrived around 0525 to find some HIM already in place and some EC runners returning.  Began to discuss starting the workout at 0530 watching for Drysdale.  Pleasantries began at 0531 with a flawless F3 Mission Statement and disclaimer shared.  0532 (the traditional Local Honey start time) we headed on a mosey to our roving Warm-a-Rama without Drysdale.


Level 3: 20 SSH
Level 4: 10 Sun Gods – F & B
Level 5: 20 String Rippers
Level 6: 20 Imperial Walkers
Level 7: 20 Windmills
Level 8: 20 Hillbillies

The Thang
11’s Part 1

10 Merkins, 1 Wojo Squat
9 Merkins, 2 Wojo Squats
Plank for the 6

11’s Part 2

10IC Mtn. Climbers, 1IC Monkey Humper
9IC Mtn. Climbers, 2IC Monkey Humpers
Plank for the 6

Traveling Mary

Level 7: LBCs
Level 6: Low Dollies
Level 5: Freddie Mercury’s
Level 4: E to K – 1 side
Level 3: E to K – other side

Mosey back to flag…

Final Mary
American Hammers – 1IC

COT: Announcements and Prayer Requests

It was a pleasure to lead!