AO : Circle Time

When : 6/14/21

PAX : Baby Bop, Canary, Aquaman, SeeThru, LongTime, Foot Fairy, Air Raid, Sacked, JR, Wide Right, Scardy Cat, Dont you know, I Pity the Fool, TPS, Whirlie Bird, Bodett, SlumLord, Ricola, Air Ball

QIC: Red Dragon


Great EC this am with Whirlie Bird, TPS and Wide Right. JR was running. Airball was Mini Murphing.

The Ruck caused the Q to come in Hot.

5:30 – Started.




Mosey to Field.

Warm A Rama

Side Straddle Bop

Jog Across


String Rippers

Abe Begotas

Jog Across

Hug Thyself

Arm Stretch

Jog Across

Knee Pulls

High Knees


Explain Thang

Split into 3 groups

Group 1 head to first playground – 10 Pull ups

Move to Field

Run Cone to Cone

Move to  Playground 2 – 20 Merkins

Move to Playground 3 – 3o Squats

Run to playground 1 around the fronts side of the building – completing the Circle.

Rinse and REPEAT till 6:07 – then head back to Shovel Flag.

All Groups were able to get 4 rounds each and 2 miles running.


Back at the flag

on Six

Straight Leg and Up 6 inches – Hold till spread – Hold till back together – Hold till scissor kicks – Hold till recover.

Stretch out

1 American Hammer


Announcements –

Bo Derek Coming up on Saturday at 6am – Nordic Trak

Juneteenth Ruck Saturday

Campin Trip is coming



Slumlord took us out.