– Phoenix (Q), Tommy Boy, Eggplant (r), Hooker, STP (r), Don’t Cha Know (r), Phoeler, Earhart, Fanny, Frosty, Canary, Sacked (r)

– SSH x15 IC
– IW x15 IC
– Wind mils x15 IC

– Ruck with a coupon to the entrance of Bog Garden on Hobbs

Bottom of the hill (leave coupon)
– Squat with coupon x15
– Bent over row coupon x15

Top of hill
– Shoulder press x15
– Curls x15

– AH x15 IC

– Blood drive Saturday 11-4:30 meat treats
– Juneteenth ruck 9am Grace United Methodist Church
– F3 Camp Hike July 23-25


Climb the Mountain
Jamieson Wolf

Life is filled with peaks and valleys. I sometimes wish there was a way to look out at what is to come, what hills I will have to climb and what waits for me at the top of those peaks, those mountains towering over the lower points.

But when I look back at what I’ve accomplished, at the valleys I’ve already waded across and the hills that I’ve had to climb, I wonder if I would have done anything differently. Would climbing those mountains meant so much to me if I had known what was coming? As I stand atop the highest mountain that I have ever been on, I realize that it doesn’t matter.

In life, there are peaks and valleys, mountains and swamps, fields and meadows, oceans and lakes and more. All that maters is that I keep going, keep fighting, keep dreaming. That I keep on living life to the fullest, whether I’m in a valley or standing on top of the world. All that matters is that I keep going, I keep climbing, That I keep breathing and finding joy in the smallest of things.

#tclaps to Tommy Boy for charging the hill and inspiring Canary to follow