June 9, 2021
Arise AO
Pax: Nancy, Eggplant(respect), All Blacks, Saban, Verlander, Lynda(Respect), Pacer(respect), Confusion, Ricardo, Tesla, Golden Corral, Crawlspace
QIC: Crawlspace

WAR: Blahzee, Blahzee, blah Let’s pass over the appetizer.

THANG: A whole latta pilatta tibbatta

45 seconds exercising with 15 seconds recover. 7 routines per set, 3 sets with 45 secs recovery between sets.

1. LBC’s
2. 2 reverse crunch with table top balance
3. X & O’s with 4 leg crosses during the X’s
4. Plank with legs out n in.
5. Mountain Climbers
6. Merkins
7. Lt. Dans

Rest 45 secs

1. WW1 sit up to a V-up
2. Marge & Homer, 4 leg crosses during Homer
3. Side Plank E2K, flapjack
4. Side Plank E2k
5. Bear plank to twist through(looks like a break dancer)
6. Alternating Bow Merkins: Maybe Archer merkins is a better name.
7. X & O’s w/ 4 E2K during the O

Rest 45 secs

1. Figure 4 leg lift w/E2K, flapjack at the 20
2. Crawford Mermaids, flapjack at the 20
3. Diamond Merkins
4. Side Lunges
5. Spider Mans
6. Hold X position with constant leg crosses
7. Bird Dog Planks

Recover and partner up.
Partner 1 runs around church perimeter while pax 2 holds:
Plank, then switch
Air squat, then switch
Air plane, ….
Forearm Plank, ….

Ohmaha’d at the squats to make time for breakfast….not serving breakfast yet which was disappointing to hear.

20 AH IC to finish

A pleasure to serve.